SixChannels strong suggestion to opt for double opt-in Database

17 07 2009

SixChannels strong suggestion Database, because email marketing is one of the key success for marketing business & products be it  industry or company. We all know how difficult to make a brand image of company in this competitve market. If we are using a opt-in datbase than there will be not much problem but what if after using the opt-in database we are getting spam complaints. This can ruin the brand image of company & also the credibility.

For this reason, we strongly recommend only sending permission-based email, also known as opt-in email. Double Opt-In Database Marketing can be an extremely effective way to increase visitor-to-sale conversion rates, build strong relationships with your customers, and turn your one-time buyers into lifetime product evangelizers who recommend your organization to everyone they know.

SixChannels Recommends spam free email marketing for estimated ROI & brand building online takes his / her business to Himalayan heights. Opt in email lists for email campaigns helps the lead generation process a lot, just think of the response rates if it is Double Opt-In Database. I am sure it will do wonders to promote the products using email campaigns as an effective tool

Benifits of Spam Free Double Opt-In Database – SixChannels

1 .The best out of the email campaigns using such lists one could get

2. Reputation management of such companies lasts for ever.

3. Helps in retaining old clients as repeat business rate will be better

4. With your clients success your business too will reach top class level

5. Once you maintain good service badge as very good list provider you will get referred clients

6. Never ever you will be considered as a spammer or your website will get block list


Promote your Website or E-Business sites Online – SixChannels

1 07 2009

SixChannels tips on How to Promote your Website or E-Business sites  Online

* Submit your Website to search engines. Example:  Google, MSN, Yahoo, Dmoz,  and many more. Make use of Google Webmaster Tools to submit sitemap, robot.txt and Google Base.

* Use Google webmaster tools, google analytics for best tracking and analytics

* Submit your sites to searchengine friendly web directories, promote yourself in targeted sources, dont waste money in buying links, it may not las long.

* Make use of  SMO/ Micro blogging  sites like Twiter, FaceBook, etc to get connect with many people to share your thoughts on the business you are doing

* Subscribe to Google alert giving key word Google New Algorithm to update your self and optimize your website according to that new information.

* Always do useful competitors site analysis to know where they are promoting their business sites.

* Never spam any where

* Try to give more information about the things quickly happening in the feild of online marketing

* Build your company profiles in popular Business Directories

* Keep giving irresistible offers to sell your product, customize your web offers pages according to the offer you are giving

* DO maximum Competitive analysis as to know what your competitors are doing and what type of web technology one is using to promote their websites.

* Before start adding website description, title tag & keywords do maxium keyword research, because these keywords can act as brand builder & revenue generator for such sites.

* Always update wit search engines algorithms by following such information giving blogs & websites.

SixChannels will keep updating useful & interesting tips on Online Marketing,  Subscribe for feed to get regular updates on SixChannels blog.

Opt for SixChannels HR Executive Mailing Lists

29 06 2009

Access powerful recruiting & staffing industry lists right away using SixChannels SixChannels HR Executive Lists, Recruiting & Staffing Industry Lists

SixChannels strives at providing complete double optin HR executive lists to help with the very useful marketing technique which easily could return best results for your marketing campaign in quick succession. SixChnnels lists gets you the whole corporate world to fingertips by providing you HR or similar job title contacts from recruitment and staffing industry.

Our HR Executive lists cover

  • Chief HR Managers
  • Executive Recruiters
  • Top US Recruiters
  • Top US IT Recruiters
  • Active Hiring firms
  • Candidates
  • Prospects
  • Decision makers
  • Executives
  • Subscribers
  • Recruiting Firms

Email Appending Process- Sixchannels

10 06 2009

Send Your File to SixChannels Online

  • Sixchannels support every file transfer type, how it is sent will depend on the size of the file
  • Sixchannels is one of the few companies that truly executes the customer email append in-house. By doing the entire email append process in-house, Sixchannels ensure their clients rapid turnaround within 2 weeks and complete data security.

Sixchannels Match Your Customer File to their opt-in Consumer/ Business Email Databases

  • Match rates vary based on whether this is your first append with SixChannels Online and/or whether it is a Business-to-Business or Customer append.
  • You can expect 15% to 25% on Consumer Appends and 15% to 35% on Business Appends.

Send an Opt-out Email to the Matching Records

  • Sixchannels will help you create copy for your email to deliver optimal results or You can provide us your template for the Opt-out mailer
  • LABEL Opt-out email as COMMERCIAL based on the January 1, 2004 CAN-SPAM Act of 2003. Because you are seeking permission for future email communications with your customer, it needs to be labeled as a commercial message.

The FINAL part!!

  • You have a new touch point for your customers via email
  • You only pay for NET appends (Customer’s who were appended and didn’t opt-out!)
  • Sixchannels will return your file with your NEW customer email addresses
  • Sixchannels returns your file with opt-out flags. Customers who opted out from receiving email communications from you.

Search Engine Marketing- Sixchannels

29 05 2009

While the performance of any website mainly depends on the number of online lead conversions, SixChannels can help you pull traffic to your website through Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategy.

Search Engine Marketing is that most successful and accepted technique of online marketing that boosts your website by enhancing its visibility in Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). The process involves implementation of quite a few techniques to drive relevant visitors to your website and generate quality leads.

We have a powerful team of search engine marketing experts and advanced technology tools to give your website higher visibility and higher rankings on search engines. This in turn can build your brand image and drastically increase your sales.

Benefits of Email Marketing- Sixchannels

27 05 2009

Are any of these your goals and objectives?

  • Customer acquisition
  • Customer retention
  • Branding
  • Product/services awareness
  • Qualified lead generation
  • New and repeat sales

Emails are not only useful for your personal use but also for your business. It can prove to be your efficient and cost-friendly business ally.

With permission-based email marketing and email campaign you can easily personalize your message ensuring that your product or service becomes appealing and crucial for your customer. However, to better capitalize on the power of email marketing, it is best left to professionals or executed under professional guidance.

Effective email marketing can help

  • Build your company’s brand image and make your products and services the first choice for consumers
  • Increase traffic to your website; improve the click-through-rate and also return-on-investment (ROI)
  • Render your company message using richer graphics, active links and dynamic offers
  • Cut costs, by eliminating the printing, production and postage costs
  • You to receive instant delivery and immediate responses about your products and services, probably within 24-48 hours
  • You to generate repeat and referral business
  • You to execute innovative and flexible lead generation programs
  • Track instant and measurable results
  • Reduce deliverability problems and unwarranted delays

B2B Records from SixChannels

26 05 2009

B2B Records

SixChannels has a proven record in executing successful email appending programs. Our Append Rates in B2B domain range from 35-90% and includes only Business Emails. We do not append Yahoo/Hotmail email accounts. Our competitors which include Yahoo/Hotmail email accounts generally append 20-35%, but not necessarily Business Accounts.

SixChannels B2B records will help:

* Immediate Return on Investment
* Instant broadcast to thousands of recipients
* Improve customer response rates
* 100% savings on your printing costs
* Create brand awareness
* Test and research (marketing intelligence)
* Drive site/general traffic
* Generate leads/build a customer base
* Increase sales
* Retain customers
Our B2B DATA List by Industry:

Business Services
Financial/Insurance/Real Estate/Legal
Food & Beverage Industry
Office Equipment/Supplies/Services
Research & Development